About Brooke

Hey there! Do you want to know the truth about your beef and how it is produced? Are you interested in learning more about what you feed yourself or your family?

If either of those are a YES, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Meet Your Beef you will find out what life is like on a commercial beef ranch. Some days that may mean a new baby calf and other days it may mean falling into a fresh cow pie (literally or metaphorically… you’ll have to find out). Either way, we will all have fun!

When I first tip-toed into this intimidating world of blogging, my plan for Meet Your Beef was to give myself a place to chronicle our ranch for my family and generations to come. My grandfather, the second generation to ranch on our land, told a million stories in his lifetime, most of them hilarious, all of which I wish I had written down. So because I didn’t, here I am. Reliving a little of what his life stood for, carrying on the tradition, and telling my own story in an effort to help an industry that I love, trust, and believe in.

10 Random Fact about Me:

  1. I always wanted to be a veterinarian. Still kinda do. But my current career allows me to sell medicine to veterinarians, which is a close second!
  2. As a child, I had issues with socks. If the seams were even remotely out of place, I’d cry and throw a huge fit that my mom just loved (HA! Sorry Ma). I still have sock issues though.
  3. My grandfather has had the greatest influence on my life. You’ll understand why if you follow the blog.
  4. My parents made me do Oral Interpretation in elementary school. It was definitely NOT the cool thing for a kid. I memorized books like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day and Six Dinner Sid and then had to recite them in front of judges. To this day, I credit oral interp for getting me through my college speech classes and leading me into a career in sales. My future kids will someday do oral interp too!
  5. My favorite pet growing up was a rat named Daisy. Yep, a rat! I once was rollerblading with Daisy in my pocket and she jumped ship into our woodpile. My dad miraculously caught her and saved the day.
  6. I’m proud to have a degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo!
  7. Potatoes are my favorite food. For me they are more of a food group. Fried, mashed, scalloped, sweet, garlic… you get the point.
  8. Tennis is my favorite sport. I played through high school and part of college. I need to get back on that horse.
  9. My favorite cut of beef is a Dot Seven New York.
  10. My ideal Saturday would include grabbing some coffee and heading to the ranch for chores. Feed, check cattle, ride, or anything of the sort.

Hope that gave you a small glimpse into who I am. I’d love to learn more about you so don’t be shy around here. Introduce yourself!