Cow Pie Cake

It’s been a while. Things happened. I moved, got married, and no, I’m not pregnant.

Fall has started here in Idaho and we’re headed to a friend’s house for dinner, so I figured crock-pot dessert sounded perfect. This is one of my grandma’s recipes… technically. Ok, maybe she just gave me the cookbook, but it sounds way more cool when I say it’s her recipe. I’ll do you proud g-ma 🙂

Fudge and Cream Pudding Cake, what could go wrong? You’re supposed to smear 2 T of unsalted butter in the bottom and sides of the crock pot, but after about ½ T was gone, I could smear no more so I just put the rest in the bottom. I started to blend my dry ingredients and got goosebumps at the thought I would be eating cake in less than 5 hours (unless we drink too much wine, then it will be tomorrow).

Add your wet ingredients, one of which is ‘light cream’. Crock-pot’s idea of putting me on a diet. Once they’re mixed, the recipe says to ‘pour’ the batter into the crock-pot, it’s more of a ‘dump’. The visual that puts in your head is rather accurate. See below and yes, that’s the butter I ‘smeared’.

Now mix your sauce and add that on top. It looks so much more appetizing now. Put her to sleep on high for 2 hours and open your bottle of wine.

For the record. This turned out to resemble more of a cake than a cow pie.