The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life

Yes, you read that correctly. Up until this point, I have always been the lame person in an ice-breaking session who says “I really don’t have a most embarrassing moment”. Boy has that changed!

Last week I traveled to and from Denver for a training called Top of the Class with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. I learned more about blogging, social media, photography, telling my story, etc but that’s for another post. Just focus on the fact that that I had to go through security checkpoints in 2 airports.

Background: As I have previously stated, I work for a pharmaceutical company. I sell and distribute vaccines, antibiotics, and supplies to farmers/ranchers.  It is not uncommon for the manufacturers of these products to provide samples of the (non-prescription) items for me to take around as show and tell for my customers.

Here’s where things get good. After surviving the Denver blizzard and cancelled flights, I was finally on my way home. When I reached the security checkpoint at the airport and unloaded all of my belongings onto the belt, I had a strong feeling that the string of bad news wasn’t over quite yet. My bag was stuck in the middle of the belt under the X-ray for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, a younger TSA worker held up my backpack and said “ma’am does this belong to you?” I slowly shook my head yes in pure dread and he replied “please come with me, I need to take a look inside.” Sure Mr. TSA man, go right on ahead. I’m a rule follower so you’re not going to find anything crazy in there! 

The gentleman grabbed his little swab and began testing my bag. Clean! See, I told you! He looked all through the million zippers and found nothing. Made his way to the last zipper, opens it and says “your bag was flagged because the X-ray showed an oversized liquid/gel.”

It was then that I KNEW. I knew that my life would never again be the same. He slowly pulled out a tube that was blue and white and my face began to burn with a fire hotter that the sun. It was in his hands with the label facing down. He rolled it over in such a slow manner I could have sworn I aged at least thirty years. And there it was in all its large-font-glory: OB LUBE. And underneath that it read “For Animal Use Only”. I slowly gazed up towards him but knew I didn’t DARE make eye contact. “Uhhh, umm, uhh, I’m so sorry! It’s a product I sell for work!?!?!”

In everyday life I make a solid effort to not be overly dramatic, but: Omg. Omg. OMG!!! Taking the same backpack that I use for work purposes was the worst decision in the history of all decisions made.


In the Ag world, OB Lube is a very normal product and a subject that does not embarrass me in the least. It has many great uses that assist with the health and well being of the animals. However, in the security line of the Denver airport, I was wishing I had any other career in the world!

Can someone out there please explain to me how the Fresno International Airport missed this on my way to Denver?!

Lastly, PLEASE tell me you all have some most embarrassing moments? I need to hear them. Seriously. For my own sanity. Thank you in advance.


  • BB

    Oh my gosh – I am laughing so hard but also feel so bad! Glad you made it home safely and I guess you won’t travel with that bag again, huh?

  • Heather Lyn McCabe

    on a lighter note, you became a great cocktail party conversation for the TSA guy. His life may have just changed from boring guy to the funny guy. Consider it a gift ;).