Secret Santa Reveal

Now that things have settled down a little around here, it’s time to get back to some blogging fun! In an effort to connect with more Ag bloggers across the U.S., I participated in the Country Christmas Connection 2016. This unique gift exchange allowed me the opportunity to shop for a fellow blogger all-the-while someone was secretly shopping for me. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE giving gifts and the surprise of not knowing who my gift was coming from was even better!

Drum roll please….

My Secret Santa was Taysha Reitzel from Dirt Road Charm. I had yet to meet Taysha in person or on social media so this was the perfect match. As soon as I read the about me section of her blog: she is an agricultural enthusiast, wife, mother, turquoise lover, and cowboy boot addict, I knew we were destined to be friends! I’d encourage you all to check out her blog. She shares mom hacks, her life involving agriculture, and other fun musings.

The gifts the she sent were perfection! Coffee, cookies, and jewelry?! Can’t go wrong with those. The coffee was from Red Rambler Coffees and let me tell ya, just sitting on the counter, those grounds made my whole house smell delightful! … And then I made a pot. Holy deliciousness. They definitely named this one correctly. French Toast flavored coffee? I was in Heaven. Also included were a bag or assorted cookies from Cookies On Demand. We won’t mention how many mornings I dunked the cookies into that cup of coffee. Our secret 🙂

And last but not least, my favorite part was the silver-tassle-bangle that she sent from a boutique near her. I love simple, understated jewelry and this piece fits my style to a T. Thanks Taysha!

I’m so excited to have made a new connection in the blogging/Ag world and especially through such a fun experience. I’d encourage you all to follow Taysha on FB here, on Instagram @taysha_r, or on Twitter @dirtroadcharm.

Did any of you participate in a secret gift exchange this year? If so what did you give/get? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



  • Darleen

    Oh my goodness as a fellow coffee lover that one sounds delicious! So glad to find you as you joined us this year Brooke. I am looking forward to continuing to follow you. Hope you enjoy your new connections and will join us again next year (or this year ;-))!

    Happy New Year!

  • Robyn Goddard


    Faith, Family, Agriculture and Coffee, they all seem to be a connecting thread for farm and ranch wives! Sounds like Taysha did a great job “stalking” your on social media.

    Cookies in your coffee, yea!

    I’m always one to try my best to buy from local crafters or artists. It’s so fun to see what people around the country make and sell. How fun to have a unique homemade piece from a blog friend.