Steaks for Dinner on a Cowboy’s Salary

We’re revisiting Dinner on the Dot around here! Except this time around, you’re going to be dealing with the fake-it-til-you-make-it kind of chef. That title in itself is wildly embarrassing given that I grew up in a home with a Mom that could literally win Top Chef and I tooootally took it for granted. Hi, it’s me, Brooke, and I’ll be kicking myself for that one… forever!

So, if you’re an average cook, with little to no extra time to prepare dinner for your family, hopefully I can at least offer some humor and or ideas for sides you may want to pair with your beef. Let’s stay positive here!

The real reason for this post is because I had a MAJOR win at the grocery store the other day and I’m too excited not to share. I found a 5 for $5 deal on New York steaks! I mean, it’s like they knew I was coming! I won’t go into detail about the happy dance I did in front of the meat counter… or the judgey eyes I got from the man whom asked the butcher for “old chicken”. That’s another topic in its entirety.

My first priority when cooking is: can this dinner be done in 30 mins or less? If the answer is no, forget it. Seriously, I’m the classic millennial when it comes to cooking. Lucky for me, the hubby happens to be a master behind the BBQ so I tasked him with the steaks and decided rice and brussels would be a solid choice for sides. Ya know, that whole balance thing.

The steaks were simple. Little salt, pepper, and  Cowboy Flavor Grilling & Roasting seasoning (if you’re looking for an all around seasoning that’s good on everything, this is DEFINITELY the one you want). For the brussels sprouts, I decided to try this recipe. And I must say, the flavors were delish. However I need some work on the consistency. Who has tips for a crunchy brussels sprout?? Really though, shoot them my way because my liking of vegetables it’s close to that of a five year old, and I recently discovered I don’t hate brussels sprouts. Add a side of boxed rice and you’ve got yourself a meal! Overall this one took about 40 minutes to prepare but I’m sure my rookie-ness has something to do with that extra ten minutes 😂. I’ll do better next time.

The moral of my story, here, is that you don’t have to be rich (hence the ‘cowboy salary’ reference in the title) to have steak for dinner and even the gal whom has access to home grown beef gets excited about a sale on steak at the local grocery store. Cheers to $5 steaks and cooking more in 2018!

  • Jennifer Osterholt

    I love steaks and I like brussel sprouts, but I can’t say I’ve made them together. I’m going to do this in 2018!

    • Brooke

      Yes! Be sure to let us know how it turns out 🙂