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Calving Season 2016, Featured

Twins or Problem Children?

December 4, 2016

Making a difference… There’s no better feeling.

For these two calves, life would not have sustained without human intervention. These twins were born on the ranch about two months ago with what we call “contracted tendons” (I blogged about this topic previously here).

A calf with contacted tendons cannot stand and therefore cannot nurse (problem #1 and #2) which as we all know is vitally important to survival. We brought these two calves and their mother into the corral and began the process of fitting their splints to straighten out their legs. A few adjustments to height and length of the padding and the PVC and these twins were ready to roll.

To ensure that the calves received necessary colostrum, we quietly loaded their mother into the chute and pointed them towards the liquid gold. Below is the whole reason I wrote this blog post. Get ready.

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Branding, Featured

Scenes from the Branding Pen

November 16, 2014

It’s that time of year again… Branding time! This year we had an addition to the crew. Nick has been around our family for years, but it was his first time branding with us and I have to say he did a fantastic job. After some of the initial castrating shock wore off, he settled into his job like a professional. Kudos to him because he had my least favorite job (if you’re not careful you can lose a few teeth): catching and securing the legs of the bull calves in order for my brother to castrate. Nick took advice and learned quickly. And he didn’t get kicked once!

My job was to catch heads and vaccinate.

My job was to catch heads and vaccinate.

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Calving Season 2013

And Just Like That, The Calves are Off!

March 28, 2014

Well, the 2013 calf crop has been sold and the calves are off to the next stage of their life somewhere near Exeter, CA.

imageI have to say, sitting in that sale barn watching our calves run through the ring pulls a bit on the heart strings.  Proud would be the most prominent emotion.  I think we produced a heck of a product this year considering the drought.  Our calves looked good and gained more weight than we really expected.  There was also also a hint of sadness yesterday.  It’s kinda hard to say goodbye to something my family has worked so hard to produce.  And then of course there was the nervousness!  As the auctioneer called out “these are those quality Robinson calves” and the bidding started it was all I could do to keep my heart from racing right out of my chest! And this isn’t my first trip to the sale barn, I promise.  When your fate lies in the hands of whomever showed up to buy that day, it can be a tad stressful. It’s probably only me though because my mom looked pretty cool and collected. Luckily this year there were record cattle prices so that will relieve a bit of the hit we took buying additional hay this winter.

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Calving Season 2013, Meet Your Beef

Wasn’t broke but needed fixin’

September 9, 2013
Cuteness overload!

Cuteness overload!

Can we talk about how cute this calf is?  Just for a second though because we’ve got to get down to business here.  But first, make sure you notice she’s got white eyelashes!

Besides her eyelashes, you may also notice some duct tape around the lower half of her front leg.  Let’s discuss that.  This little heifer was born with what you call “contracted tendons”.  The result of this is the calf being unable to properly extend its leg(s).

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