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Calving Season 2014, Featured

Calving Season- It’s Not Always Sunny

September 20, 2014

As I have said before, calving season is most definitely my favorite time of the year on our cow/calf operation. It’s not only new life but hope for the future and reinforcement that we did things correctly the year prior. It gives me chills to watch a mother cow and her calf interact in the first few minutes after a calving. The instincts that the mother cow has to lick off the calf, eat her afterbirth (don’t want the predators to know there is a new calf), and protect that new baby is something you’d have to see to really understand.  The same thing goes for the calves. Within 10 minutes they are attempting to stand. It’s very shakey and unsuccessful in the beginning but usually within 30 minutes to an hour they are up and then following their own instincts to nurse. How long does it take us humans to walk? And if we had to figure out how to feed ourselves within the first few hours… forget it!

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Calving Season 2013, Meet Your Beef

Wasn’t broke but needed fixin’

September 9, 2013
Cuteness overload!

Cuteness overload!

Can we talk about how cute this calf is?  Just for a second though because we’ve got to get down to business here.  But first, make sure you notice she’s got white eyelashes!

Besides her eyelashes, you may also notice some duct tape around the lower half of her front leg.  Let’s discuss that.  This little heifer was born with what you call “contracted tendons”.  The result of this is the calf being unable to properly extend its leg(s).

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