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Guest Post from Blue Eyes & Cow Pies: The Customer

April 24, 2016

I met Kiah via social media and through my long lost friend, Jane, who used to run Dinners on the Dot. Kiah comes from a multi-generational ranching family in the heart of California. Her passion is beef and boy does it show for this Kentucky transplant. She recently blogged about a topic that has intrigued me for quite some time: how far does the saying “the customer is always right” go in agriculture? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Kiah’s posts and following her HILARIOUS videos on Facebook. You can check out more of her stuff at Blue Eyes and Cow Pies. Thank you Kiah for allowing me to re-blog you post!


How this popular slogan applies to agriculture… kind of.

If you have ever worked in retail, food service, or really anywhere that has to do with selling or supplying something, odds are your boss has told you at one time, “The customer is always right.” (I truly hope that if you are in the medical field, however, that this does not apply.) This slogan makes customer satisfaction of utmost importance, and satisfied customers = returning customers.

This got me thinking… in the agriculture industry, does this slogan still apply?

Whether selling food at the local farmers market or a contractor to a larger food supplier or distributor, at the end of the day farmers and ranchers have the same customer: the everyday consumer.

Consumers are on one side growing more disconnected from agriculture (the average American being 3 generations removed from a farm) and on the other side consumers are becoming increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from and how it is produced. In many ways, this is exciting! In other ways, it is difficult.

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