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Mitch Behling- A Millennial in the Beef Industry

April 29, 2015

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am about this interview! Mitch has been a part of my family before he could walk or even talk. I consider him and his brother cousins although they are of no blood relation. Back story: my grandfather’s mother died when he was just 13 years old. Shortly there after he went to work for Bud & June Sample who would be Mitch’s great grandparents. These people not only gave my grandfather a job but took him in and treated him as a son and brother. Although that was three generations ago, Mitch’s family and my family still celebrate the holidays together. Better yet, Mitch and I are usually on the same team during family games… and by no chance at all, we are usually the winners! 😉 Sorry Brett!

Without any further ado, here he is!

1. Give some background info on your ranch. Family history, how many generations, specific location, sector of the industry (cow/calf) and the type of cattle you raise.

I am the fifth generation in my family to ranch in the Central Valley. The current ranch in which my family owns and operates was founded in the early 1900’s. It is located northeast of Clovis, California at the base of the foothills. We run a commercial cow/calf herd of Angus cattle.

2. What is your role on the ranch? And does having another sibling help in the sharing of responsibility?

My role on the ranch is helping my dad. The tasks can range from cattle work, to welding projects, building fence, putting in water lines, or various other improvements to the ranch. I have an older brother who helps however he is now attending school in Idaho.

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Gabriella DeSimone- A Millennial in the Beef Industry

March 1, 2015

Not all that long ago I was asked to give a short talk to the Young Cattlemen & Cattlewomen of California. It was there that I met Gabriella. Since then her and I have become friends and shared our stories. She is the perfect person to start this series. She is bright, talented, and above all else, driven. The fact that she made the time to do this interview only shows her dedication to this industry. It has been such a pleasure to get to know her and I hope you guys enjoy the interview!

1. Give us some background on your ranch. Family history, how many generations, location, and type of cattle you raise. 

See my previous post here and check out the video that Gabriella put together. It explains a ton of her multi-generational ranching history.


2. What is your role on the ranch? Has this role changed as you’ve gotten older or had more experience? Does being female have anything to do with what your role is on the ranch?

From my experience, I have not seen any distinction between my role and that of the men due to gender. Simply because I am not there full-time is the main reason we differentiate. That has always been something I admire about my Gramp and his two brothers. If an individual has an interest, a personality that is good to be around, and is willing to learn, they will take the time to teach and show them genuine respect regardless if they are male or female. 

3. What are you studying in school and where at? How does your degree apply to the ranch?

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