All About that Parm!

We haven’t had a dinner in a few weeks, so at the Tripod Board Meeting we decided we needed to pull it together. Dinner on the Dot Seven ensues…

I like fundraisers. I like the cocktails they serve. I like the auctions (after the cocktails). Because EVERYONE needs a 24 pack of filet mignon when they live by themselves. Yes, I purchased them.

Obviously I will not be the one grilling them, last time I caught the side of my house on fire (my bad). That’s where Reed comes in.

Golden Parmesan Potatoes- what three words could be more beautiful? And they pair perfectly with filet? BRILLIANT! Not sure how our family originally came by this recipe, but it’s in each of our family recipe boxes. Also, it clearly has a ‘10’!

For those of you that don’t believe cooking is an art form, just check out this little guy.

Side note: In the event that you weren’t all jealous of where I live ALREADY, here you go. While it is still beautiful now, it’s amazing to see how quickly the grass turned this year.

Back to business! Most important part of the recipe: when you add the parmesan to the flour in the bag, make sure it’s going in the ‘bag’, not your flour jar… my bad.

Make your “lil’ mix” (yes, it’s a technical term) in the bag, then toss the potatoes in it. At that moment, you will realize that the bag has a hole in it and “lil’ mix” is everywhere. You will want to open a bottle of wine but you agreed with yourself that you wouldn’t until some sort of company arrived. Well, isn’t that convenient.

Now, if you’ve ever eaten steaks with us, they are BOMB. Why? Because I have nothing to do with them! Let me introduce you to my secret ingredient. Reed.

Time to eat! Here is the family photo. And yep, that’s candle light. Full. Time. Fancy.

You’re probably noticing a new character at the table. Let me introduce you to Carol.

Which of the following about Carol are true?

  1. She is Reed’s sister
  2. She is dating Brooke’s (Reed’s fiancé) brother
  3. She is responsible for the red drinks…and the hangovers following
  4. If you go to a new gym class with her she will announce that you are both new and provide the entire class with ammo, by telling them your name. Thanks Carol.


You’re probably wondering, where is the after pic of the potatoes? I blame the red drink.

Speaking of the red drink, Brooke gets very loving on red drink. Something Pip enjoyed very much.

Golden Parmesan Potatoes (6 to 8 servings)

6 large potatoes

¼ c sifted flour

¼ c grated parmesan cheese

¾ t salt

1/8 t pepper

1/3 c butter

Chopped parsley

Melt butter in a 13×9 baking pan. Place potatoes in a single layer in pan. Bake at 375°F for about 1 hour. Turning once during baking. When golden brown, sprinkle with parsley.