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The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life

March 28, 2016

Yes, you read that correctly. Up until this point, I have always been the lame person in an ice-breaking session who says “I really don’t have a most embarrassing moment”. Boy has that changed!

Last week I traveled to and from Denver for a training called Top of the Class with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. I learned more about blogging, social media, photography, telling my story, etc but that’s for another post. Just focus on the fact that that I had to go through security checkpoints in 2 airports.

Background: As I have previously stated, I work for a pharmaceutical company. I sell and distribute vaccines, antibiotics, and supplies to farmers/ranchers.  It is not uncommon for the manufacturers of these products to provide samples of the (non-prescription) items for me to take around as show and tell for my customers.

Here’s where things get good. After surviving the Denver blizzard and cancelled flights, I was finally on my way home. When I reached the security checkpoint at the airport and unloaded all of my belongings onto the belt, I had a strong feeling that the string of bad news wasn’t over quite yet. My bag was stuck in the middle of the belt under the X-ray for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, a younger TSA worker held up my backpack and said “ma’am does this belong to you?” I slowly shook my head yes in pure dread and he replied “please come with me, I need to take a look inside.” Sure Mr. TSA man, go right on ahead. I’m a rule follower so you’re not going to find anything crazy in there! 

The gentleman grabbed his little swab and began testing my bag. Clean! See, I told you! He looked all through the million zippers and found nothing. Made his way to the last zipper, opens it and says “your bag was flagged because the X-ray showed an oversized liquid/gel.”

It was then that I KNEW. I knew that my life would never again be the same. He slowly pulled out a tube that was blue and white and my face began to burn with a fire hotter that the sun. It was in his hands with the label facing down. He rolled it over in such a slow manner I could have sworn I aged at least thirty years. And there it was in all its large-font-glory: OB LUBE. And underneath that it read “For Animal Use Only”. I slowly gazed up towards him but knew I didn’t DARE make eye contact. “Uhhh, umm, uhh, I’m so sorry! It’s a product I sell for work!?!?!”

In everyday life I make a solid effort to not be overly dramatic, but: Omg. Omg. OMG!!! Taking the same backpack that I use for work purposes was the worst decision in the history of all decisions made.


In the Ag world, OB Lube is a very normal product and a subject that does not embarrass me in the least. It has many great uses that assist with the health and well being of the animals. However, in the security line of the Denver airport, I was wishing I had any other career in the world!

Can someone out there please explain to me how the Fresno International Airport missed this on my way to Denver?!

Lastly, PLEASE tell me you all have some most embarrassing moments? I need to hear them. Seriously. For my own sanity. Thank you in advance.


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Resolutions: Keep them Simple

January 1, 2016

One of my lifelong friends whom I spent many hours with on the tennis court as a kid is now a very successful sports broadcaster in the Bay Area. In a world dominated mostly by men, she has earned not only the respect she deserves but also has a resume most people in this field only dream of . I’m introducing you to her because she posted something on Instagram last night that really spoke to my heart (amidst the Patron shots and Minute to Win It games which is obviously pretty hard to do!). She said that she had never been one for resolutions but for the last ten years she has chosen one word or one phrase to represent what she hopes to accomplish in the coming 365 days.

Kate said, “As some of you know, I’ve got some pretty crazy professional goals and I knew that I needed to take a giant leap this year if I ever hoped to accomplish them. So, the phrase was a reminder that no excuse was good enough this year and if I wanted to turn my dreams into a reality it was time to stop half-assing it and take it!”

Like Kate, I am not one for resolutions either. We all know how successful those are. I strive to be my best self, always, but I know I slip often and find those excuses that Kate mentioned. We all do, it’s human nature. However I do believe that a simple little reminder like this is a genius idea. Not too much pressure, just a little constant push.

For years I have been dreaming up business ideas. All kinds of business ideas. Ask my dad, he’s heard every last one of them. But you definitely shouldn’t pity him, this entrepreneurial brain of mine is mostly his fault. I recently stumbled upon a business idea, thanks to some of our good friends, that includes everything that is near and dear to my heart. Mr. Meet Your Beef, the ranch, this blog, cattle, sharing the story of how our food is grown, etc. It’s really almost too good to be true. For weeks we’ve been mulling it over, and over, and OVER again. Discussing with loved ones the chances of success or possibilities of failure, calculating costs, thinking of marketing strategies…. just dreaming.

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Our Western Chic Wedding

December 9, 2015

October 2nd, 2015 was, hands down, the best day of my life. Thanks to the most supportive and loving parents in the world, Mr. Meet Your Beef and I were able to have the wedding of our dreams. As my intro back into the world of blogging, following my wedding-planning hiatus, I figured I’d share some fun aspects of our wedding that reflect who we are and what our heritage looks like all wrapped up into a wedding. The vision for this day was a more formal event that somehow subtly told our story.

Since we both come from multi-generational ranching backgrounds, it was important to incorporate our roots and our dreams. One of the first things we did after getting engaged was discuss what kind of brand we were going to register with the state of CA. We landed on a 7 (representing my grandfather’s brand and where it all began for me) and a connected H (Mr. Meet Your Beef’s last name starts with an H). Because that brand was already taken, we had to add a symbol over the top. The final verdict: reverse lazy S over 7 connected H, as seen below.

Since my tastes don’t represent any kind of easy or generic DIY project, we decided to use the (cattle) brands of our family and friends who attended the wedding as table numbers. This was an especially fun and personal touch. Our guests were excited to see their own brands and recognized those of others present. HUGE thanks to the MOB (mom of the bride) for the hours she spent with the dremmel in her hand making these lovelies out of some barnwood from the ranch.

It seems that the most difficult task I found was determining the wedding favors. I must have searched every corner of google for the perfect favor. Somehow, said google search always lead me to Oriental Trading Co. And that was DEFINITELY not the vibe we were going for. We wanted something that everyone would really enjoy but didn’t break the bank.  It just so happens that working in the animal health industry has some pretty cool perks if you’re a little creative and know the right people. With some major help from my friends at Allflex (I’m looking at you, Scott Holt!) these (cattle) ear tags doubled as luggage tags by having names and addresses printed on them.  We hung them on what was once the original stall barn door off our ranch barn built in the 1930’s. These tags were also a part of our seating chart. On the back of each tag was the brand of the table that the guest was to be seated at.

I’d enter a couple pictures of the tags on the barn door here but I doubt our guests would appreciate their addresses being publicized via this blog post. Here’s a peak when it was  a work in progress.

I guess Mr. MYB and I like to unintentionally make things complicated (it’s probably just me but I’m going to take the liberty of dragging him into this if I’m the one who has to go to social security office AND the DMV in order to change my name). So, we opted out of a wedding cake. Neither of us really enjoy cake. After the local bakery quoted us between $700-800 for a cake large enough to serve our guests, we got an ice cream truck instead! Jay’s Specialty Ice Cream to be exact. We also got to pick eight flavors to serve. Determining these flavors was by far the best wedding “meeting” we had throughout the whole process. Can we do that again, please?

As amazing as the ice cream was, not having a cake presented us with a problem. There was now no cake to cut. Luckily we have genius friends (Brandon & Anna) who also share the same passions on cattle as we do and allowed us to steal their idea of branding a steak.

Remember Mitch Behling in this post? He’s also a master at making branding irons. Not an easy task but he nailed it with this tiny iron! And so, we branded a steak instead of cutting a cake.

The easiest decision we made during the whole process was the menu. Bet you would have never guessed it was a steak dinner?! My mouth waters just thinking about it. We were lucky enough to have Cowboy Flavor cater our wedding. You should see the resume Billy and Sue have. Seriously, check out who they have cooked for on their website. I’m not trying to brag here, they are just that good and Mr. MYB and I are so grateful they were able to cater for us!

After the months of planning, sleepless nights, meetings with vendors, budgeting, tastings, and decision after decision, the most important thing was that I found my soul mate. My best friend. Someone who shares the same passions for agriculture that I do. The one who goes along with all my wild and crazy dreams. And the one who makes me do this stupid, awkward, laugh thing that looks terrible in photographs but makes my heart SO. DAMN. HAPPY.

We would like to give a special mention to the vendors not tagged above who were just as important in making this wedding so special to us. It took an army to pull this event off and these people handled it flawlessly. Please check them out, they come with my highest recommendation!

PhotographyKatie Nisbett Photography

Most of the photos shown in this post were taken by this lovely lady. There were so many wonderful moments she captured. I don’t know where to begin with picking favorites.

Wedding Planning: Jade Magnolia

Natalie has recently moved to Texas but is taking her business with her. To all our Texas friends who need an event coordinator, this is your girl!

Videography: Agape Creative Studios

I have a special bond with this team of people. Ashley, one of our videographers, happens to be the girl behind the building of this website. Web design is also one of her many, many talents.

Flowers: Brown Bunny Flowers

Amy is simply the best. She was SO great to work with and turned my floral dreams into reality.


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A Christmas for the Books

January 2, 2015

As some of you may know, Christmas morning was extra special for me. My boyfriend Reed asked me to marry him and I said YES!  Actually, the real story is quite the opposite.  I might have muttered the word yes before he even opened his mouth. Oopsie. Regardless, he’s now my fiancé (and that word is really fun to say)!

Because I plan to take Reed’s last name, I think it’s only fair that I get to refer to him here as Mr. Meet Your Beef. That is fair, right? Good, glad we’re all on the same page 🙂


One of my goals for 2015 is to post on this blog much more regularly. I still plan to do that. With a little help from my friends, these magazines, and some luck I may just be able to keep up the blogging AND plan a wedding at the same time. One thing is for sure, I’ve got enough bride magazines to last me until next New Years Day.

How were the holidays for you guys? Anything special happen?  I want to hear about it in the comments!