Resolutions: Keep them Simple

One of my lifelong friends whom I spent many hours with on the tennis court as a kid is now a very successful sports broadcaster in the Bay Area. In a world dominated mostly by men, she has earned not only the respect she deserves but also has a resume most people in this field only dream of . I’m introducing you to her because she posted something on Instagram last night that really spoke to my heart (amidst the Patron shots and Minute to Win It games which is obviously pretty hard to do!). She said that she had never been one for resolutions but for the last ten years she has chosen one word or one phrase to represent what she hopes to accomplish in the coming 365 days.

Kate said, “As some of you know, I’ve got some pretty crazy professional goals and I knew that I needed to take a giant leap this year if I ever hoped to accomplish them. So, the phrase was a reminder that no excuse was good enough this year and if I wanted to turn my dreams into a reality it was time to stop half-assing it and take it!”

Like Kate, I am not one for resolutions either. We all know how successful those are. I strive to be my best self, always, but I know I slip often and find those excuses that Kate mentioned. We all do, it’s human nature. However I do believe that a simple little reminder like this is a genius idea. Not too much pressure, just a little constant push.

For years I have been dreaming up business ideas. All kinds of business ideas. Ask my dad, he’s heard every last one of them. But you definitely shouldn’t pity him, this entrepreneurial brain of mine is mostly his fault. I recently stumbled upon a business idea, thanks to some of our good friends, that includes everything that is near and dear to my heart. Mr. Meet Your Beef, the ranch, this blog, cattle, sharing the story of how our food is grown, etc. It’s really almost too good to be true. For weeks we’ve been mulling it over, and over, and OVER again. Discussing with loved ones the chances of success or possibilities of failure, calculating costs, thinking of marketing strategies…. just dreaming.

Well, it’s time to stop dreaming and start DOING. Time to put the pen to paper and build an actual business plan. Give it a shot and see what happens. So, thank you Kate for inspiring me to create my own little phrase that will push me throughout the year and remind me to stop all the day dreaming and take action.

What do you guys think about this kind of resolution? Do you think it would work for you? Do any of you have words of encouragement or resolution for 2016? Let’s make it a great year and encourage each other to turn our dreams into a reality!