Cowboy Brett off on a New Adventure

Forgive me for not posting in awhile!  It’s been a crazy past couple months around the .7 Ranch. Calving season, traveling for work, house warming parties, birthday parties, and going away parties are amongst a few of the happenings.  Possibly one of the more notable events of the last month has been the departure of my brother Brett, or as I liked to call him when I was little, “Wilde Brettsky”.  He recently received an opportunity to move to Orland, CA to train horses.  Brett has spent his entire post-grad life apprenticing under a wonderful reining trainer here in the valley.  He has put in the long hours and now has the opportunity to start his own business and make a name for himself on a fancy horse facility in Orland. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be tough not having him around the ranch as much but I know his passion in life is horses and he’s living out his dreams.  Proud sister here! Brett has a talent with horses that is rare and I am really excited to see where this new adventure in life will take him.  I’m also excited to go visit soon. So, for now, I’ll say happy trails Cowboy Brett and I’ll be seeing you soon 🙂